Beatrix says: Get crochet-savvy

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Beatrix says: Get crochet-savvy
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Gone are the days when only grandmothers and spinsters would crochet doilies for sugar bowls! Crochet has developed into the number one craft hobby for both young and old with a colourful variety of crochet yarn and endless array of patterns available.
But what to do when you don’t even know how to correctly grip a crochet hook? The simple answer is: Beatrix says: Get crochet savvy!
Beatrix says: Get crochet savvy! is a complete crochet guide and a comprehensive manual to introduce beginners to the art of crochet.
The full-colour photos and detailed instructions are complemented by beautiful crochet projects that will test your newfound skills. The book will also serve as an interesting reference source for expert hookers 

The book includes the following: 
Crochet hook sizes, types and the materials that hooks are made of (NB: it also includes a crochet hook conversion chart between US, UK and metric sizes)
Other tools of the trade e.g. stitch markers, yarn needles and measuring tools
How to correctly grip the crochet hook and yarn (and what to do if you are a lefty)
Crochet yarn e.g. the pros and cons of natural and artificial fibres, yarn weight, yarn substitutions and how to correctly calculate quantities
Colour theory and how to combine colours
How to read patterns and diagrams and a complete list of general terminology and abbreviations between US, UK and Afrikaans. 
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