Beatrix says master tunisian crochet

Beatrix says master tunisian crochet
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Tunisian crochet is a very old crochet technique that has made a huge comeback. This popular art form used to be synonymous with thick, heavy blankets, but nowadays crochet fans break away from this traditional style and experiment with exciting new stitches and techniques. Tunisian crochet now consists of beautiful lacey patterns, interesting forms and colourful designs!

Beatrix says: Master Tunisian Crochet is a comprehensive guide that will teach you this amazing craft step by step. With the help of stunning full-colour photos you will master about 40 different stitches and other crochet tricks.

Beatrix says: Master Tunisian Crochet will teach you: 

How to use different hooks for Tunisian crochet 
How to read patterns and understand diagrams 
The meaning of abbreviations and symbols
How to spot and fix problems 
How to make 40 different stitches
How to incorporate colours and forms

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