Halala Tyro (Drie Hoera's vir Denver Xhosa weergawe)


Tyron didn’t always stutter. Before Uncle Jaap moved in with him and his mom, the words used to slide like slippery bubbles from his tongue.  But ever since Uncle Jaap has been staying in their spare room, Tyron has a nervous knot in his tummy and every now and then the words get stuck in his throat - like their kitchen door gets stuck when it rains. Everyone says Mom is lucky to have found a man like Oom Jaap. Tyron is the only one who doesn’t like him. If only he could tell his music teacher who Oom Jaap really is ... A sensitive story that teaches children not to keep quiet or feel guilty about abuse. The book also contains practical guidelines to help parents and children deal with this issue.


Om hierdie studiegids af te laai, vul asseblief die onderstaande vorm in.

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