Finding Afrikaans (EPUB)

Finding Afrikaans (EPUB)
A new book on Afrikaans's African origins Finding Afrikaans, a brand-new book by Christo van Rensburg, is now available. Where did Afrikaans begin? Who spoke Afrikaans first? Was the Cape really Dutch? How did the Khoi and the Portuguese trade with each other? What role did slaves play in the origin of Afrikaans? What is the influence of townships in Afrikaans? How did the various treks into the heart of the country affect Afrikaans? The language contact that had followed, even the fear of language contact, is one of Afrikaans's important stories. Writing in the Afrikaans language began in different, and interesting, ways, with strong influences from the Islam. Afrikaans's standardisation is the source of many different and divergent stories. Finding Afrikaans is also available in Afrikaans as Van Afrikaans gepraat. These books were made possible by a generous donation from the Afrikaanse Taalraad (ATR). They coproduced by Malan Media and LAPA Publishers. LAPA will be marketing and distributing the books. Dr. Willa Boezak said about Van Rensburg’s previous book: "It had changed my life. It had turned me into a language activist. " The ATR, the Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument and the Heritage Foundation are joining forces to market the books. These books will also feature regularly at language seminars run by the ATKV and DAK. In the Netherlands there is a huge great interest in the book, and this English translation has created an interest among sociologists from different continents.
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