The Saxon Wolves

The Saxon Wolves
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The Saxon Wolves
Is reason strong enough in an age of muscle? Britain 455 AD. The Roman Empire has fallen. As the daughter of a king and a priestess of the sacred grove, Anya's life in Germania is one of wealth and privilege — until she dares to speak out against the high priest's barbaric human sacrifices. Her punishment is exile. Forced to leave her homeland, she sails to Britannia, to an island that is sliding into chaos and war, as rival kingdoms vie for power. Alone and far from home, Anya must learn to survive amidst the bloodshed, treachery and intrigue of fifth century Britain. This book provides a glimpse to what Europe looked like shortly after the Roman Empire lost its grip on what was called the “Known World”. Christianity was rare, and somewhat frowned upon. Bloodshed was common and women had no say in whom they were allowed to marry or not. Anya, an intelligent red head, found herself at times haunted, often hunted and often-times entrapped. Only her wit could outsmart the enemy, but what happened when brute, testosterone-driven force meant more than brains? You would want to read the end.
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