Funda ukufunda Inqanaba 4 (isiXhosa) 1: UTippie ubhaka ikeyiki

Funda ukufunda Inqanaba 4 (isiXhosa) 1: UTippie ubhaka ikeyiki
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Learning to read isiXhosa is super easy with Tippie the elephant. Inqanaba 4 introduces readers to long vowel sounds through repetition and exposure. The Inqanaba 4 books are progressive and encourage learning of vowel combinations and rules. The next 10 Tippie adventures are proudly South African and build on the skills acquired in the previous levels. The text is supported by colourful, engaging illustrations to support comprehension and the learning of long vowel sounds. Additionally, the stories have been written to encourage inference and problem solving through the stories and images to enhance the reader’s skill and fun! Titles in the Funda Ukufunda Iqanaba 4 (isiXhosa) series: 1. UTippie ubhaka ikeyiki, 2. Usuku lokuzalwa lukaTippie, 3. UTippie ufumana ibhayisikile, 4. UTippie uyazimela, 5. UTippie noFundi bayakhuphisana, 6. UTippie ubona ulwandle, 7. Izinyo zikaTippie, 8. UTippie nefleyiti, 9. UTippie nethambo ledayinaso, 10. UTippie kunye nesikhephe somqolo
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