Learn to read (Level 3) Tippie Boxset 10

Learn to read (Level 3) Tippie Boxset 10
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THE BOXSET. Learning to read is fun with Tippie the elephant! The Level 3 books are designed to build on Levels 1 and 2 whilst introducing new consonant blends and digraphs. Additionally, the stories have been written to encourage inferencing and problem solving through the stories and images to enhance the reader’s skills and fun! Books in the Learn to Read Tippie Level 2 Boxset: 1. Tippie the drummer, 2. Tippie and Bud play, 3. Tippie and the squirrel, 4. Tippie goes to the shops, 5. Tippie’s wish for a fish, 6. Tippie and the chicken, 7. Tippie makes lunch, 8. Tippie and his three friends, 9. Tippie and the birthday, 10. Tippie and the song
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