Armand Aucamp is one of the hottest celebs in South Africa. His fans either want to be with him or want to be him. Now he’s sharing his secret with everyone: He only eats whole, naked food in the form of the so called “banting” or “keto” lifestyle. With his high-fat-low-carbs (HFLC) diet he maintains his lean ripped body and keeps his fans swooning. But Armand doesn’t punish himself with banting or keto. After acting his biggest passion is cooking. Since he’s discovered the HFLC lifestyle, he’s come up with so many creative ways to make healthy food delicious that he’s decided to share his recipes in book form. Nude consists of 50 HFLC recipes that are banting and keto friendly. Beautiful step-by-step pictures assist the readers in recreating the scrumptious dishes from beautiful, whole foods. Choose between egg and meat dishes, carb free pastas and yummy deserts without ever feeling like you’re dieting.
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