The Wall

The Wall
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Behold, the gated community. “The characters are wonderful, their antics more so, and, to top it all, the story is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Long have I suspected that this is how life plays out in South Africa’s gated communities. If you like your crime fiction fast and funny, then The Wall is your book.” – Mike Nicol, author of Agents of the State and Sleeper. The Pines, a gated community in East London, protects homeowners from crime. But nobody will protect the young man trapped behind its walls. Moses wants one thing: to get home where his girlfriend and a cold beer are waiting for him, but his car breaks down in an empty street, not a single human being in sight. Moses slips into The Pines, a gated community, hoping to find help from a university classmate who lives there. Over there, in the “white” world, everything seems calm, orderly, safe. But once inside, he feels more of an outsider than ever. Then he makes a terrible mistake. While The Wall touches on serious issues, it actually is an easy read with lots of laughs. Mistaken identities, racial profiling, and class politics form the backdrop of this intense thriller. Annas does not shy away from issues like gun violence and racism, but does so with humour. His characters bristle with life.
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